JTV’s Best of Anime! Summer 2013

My experience with anime started with Battle of the Planets in the late 1970’s and it finished with anime programs in the mid to late 90’s. I had somehow lost interest. I guess one could say it was the changing style, that anime was for the young or it could’ve been the boob and panty shots that were becoming so prevalent.

Whatever the reason, I walked away. I made an attempt to watch anime again in 2004 and I admit there were a couple of shows that held my interest. But now with my third attempt I’m determined to see the good amongst the bad (or the most horrid) that is out there. To become a true geek I shall have to reacquaint myself with anime, one of my first loves. Maybe I’ll even attend a anime con or two in 2014 (My last con was AX ’95). But for the future I plan to write seasonal Japanese television reviews both animated and live action. Enjoy!

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