Calling Red Rover, Major Tom is Feeling Down …

Red Rover Movie Poster
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By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Available on VOD
May 12, 2020

When Damon (Kristian Bruun of Orphan Black) gets the short end of the stick at his job and his miserable life is made worse by still sharing the same abode with his ex Beatrice (Meghan Heffern), nothing can be made worse than him contemplating an end. In this film’s case, titled Red Rover, it’s more about what’s in store for him if he’s only willing to forge a better future for himself.

When life seems bad, the wiser individual would rise up to the challenge. You don’t quit or run away. Nor is thinking the other party will come around to understanding you. Perhaps taking part in a privately funded recruitment program to send him to the fourth rock from the sun is the best therapy Damon can get–so he thinks!

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