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Knowledge Kids is All Ready for Adventure Rangers Go!

2 Apr

Luna, Chip and Inkie Adventure Rangers Go - Poster

Debuting on Knowledge Network on April 4, 2022

Knowledge KidsLuna the Owl, Chip the Beaver and Inkie the Octopus are the members of Adventure Rangers Go! They are this network’s mascots and it’s terrific they have their own animated series. Ever since their debut in 2008, they haven’t appeared in other forms of media. Other than a handful of shorts and a half-hour special for the Festival of Wishes in 2019, there wasn’t much. Producers knew there was interest. In this new series, they learn and extol about what’s important in life–having friendships, finding creative ways to solve problems and being kind to one another. 

Michele Paris, Senior Manager of Children’s Programming at Knowledge Network, and Pat Ellingson, retired head of TVO Kids leads the development of this show. Together, with Executive Story Editors Shelly Hoffman and Rob Pincombe (Ollie and Moon, Camp Lakebottom), Child Development Consultant Cheryl Gotthelf and Leo Award winning Musician Daniel Ingram (My Little Pony: The Movie), they have a great product for people of all ages to watch together. The latter’s contribution is important since each episode are nicely summed up with a song.

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Introducing Luna, Chip & Inkie: Adventure Rangers Go!

26 Jan

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Coming in April 2022
on Knowledge Network (Canada)
Also available in French,
beginning Sept 22 on TFO (Ontario)

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers is making a comeback on where Disney Plus will broadcast, but in Canada, there’s another team of fun loving problem solvers–featuring Luna, Chip & Inkie (the mascots of Knowledge Kids)–making their own debut. It’s also going to be available on Knowledge Network and with the app (iOS and Android). Both cartoons are coming in the spring of this year, and the timing is hard not to notice. As for which program is worth watching, just enjoy both! The former is designed for the tween crowd and the latter, for children aged 3-6.

Luna, Chip & Inkie: Adventure Rangers Go features this trio tackle problems in their town, but not before they experience some hilarious flops that require them to look for different ways of unlocking a solution. This made-in-Canada production has the financial support of the Canada Media Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund and Epic Story Media, who is also the global distributor of the series.

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