Star Light, Star Light, Who Will Polaris Shine on Tonight?

Polaris has a war that feels like it’s been torn right off the template that defines the Mad Max movies.

PolarisScreened at Whistler Film Festival

A new Ice Age has fallen upon the world, and the only ray of hope is with a girl (Viva Lee) and a white bear in the movie Polaris. Whether the survivors of humanity are aware of what she represents, she’s no messiah. She is named Sumi by those who became her friends, and all she wants is to find the omnivore who kept her safe when her family disappeared. That’s what I’m assuming; although we don’t get told much about her arrival to this world, to reveal too much would be bad.

Whatever caused this great freeze doesn’t need to be explained either. The opening title cards in writer/director Kirsten Carthew‘s sci-fi film suggests climate change created this post-apocalyptic realm. Although this movie has a lot of obtuse moments to suggest otherwise, the gorgeous cinematography of the Great White North will blow you away. I surmise Nature moves in cycles. That is, this catastrophe was not man made.

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