Stay Awhile at Okko’s Inn, Everybody is Welcome!

Both versions of Okko’s Inn are based on a 20 volume series by Hiroko Reiji, and to say which is better isn’t fair.

Okko's Inn Blu-ray Case
Available for order on Amazon USAOkko's Inn

Release Date: July 2, 2019
GKIDs & Shout! Factory

Plenty of memories exists in Okko’s Inn, the animated adaptation of the novel 若おかみは小学生!This anime offers a lot of interpersonal drama for the titular character and it often comes across in a slice of life style narrative than anything else.

She is an innkeeper in training. At a young age, she has a lot to deal with. After a car accident which killed her parents, to which she miraculously survived, she is off to live with grandma and play with ghosts. These spirits are friendly, if not a little mischievous.

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