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Long Way North finds a Home Video Release Jan 17th, 2017!

5 Dec

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The French-Danish animation production Long Way North will not take long to arrive in home video in North America. Thanks to Shout! Factory, the release is set for January 17, 2017 (at the height of winter) and many folks can cozy up to this warm tale by the fireplace about Sacha (voiced by Chloé Dunn) seeking more than freedom from the Russian aristocracy she hails from. Her grandfather Oloukine is missing. He’s a renowned explorer seeking to conquer the North pole, and everybody assumes he’s dead. I am pre-ordering this title since it’s a beautiful story to behold not only for its artistic merits but also wonderful but yet sombre tale. A full review can be read here to explain why I loved it.

This two-disc Blu-ray and DVD combo pack release include a digital copy along with the usual collection of extras. To note, I’m curious in what the conceptual pilot is about . In addition to a physical release, this film will soon be available on Digital HD and iTunes USA.

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Overlooked Gem, Microbe and Gasoline gets a State-side Release July 1st

28 Jun

microbe__gasoline_key_art_posterBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

* This subtitled film is finally getting an American-side release come July 1, 2016 courtesy of Screen Media Films. Please check local listings for screenings and locations.

Microbe and Gasoline is a charming, optimistic and insightful coming-of-age story of two young boys. Together, they embark on an epic road trip when life at home simply sucks. Just how they managed to build a vehicle in the shape of a tiny cabin with a small engine to traverse France is beyond me, but this leap of faith works. The idea puts this film into the realm of escapist fantasy. When their decision to leave is based on the fact they wish to put behind a miserable life, I can certainly see the reasons why.

Both are outcasts. The younger of the two, Microbe aka Daniel (Ange Dargent) is the quieter of the two (and runt of the family). He gets bullied at school. Théo (Théophile Baquet) is nicknamed Gasoline because he often smells like he works at a garage. Nobody at middle school is fond of being near him. He does not let the insults tossed at him hurt. He wears a stylish imitation leather jacket that Michael Jackson might envy.

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