With Spiders, Kill It With Fire VR Satisfies That Primal Urge

Perhaps it’s best not to listen to The Who’s “Boris the Spider” while playing tinyBuild’s Kill It With Fire VR.

Kill It With Fire VR TItle CardThe only thing I like to see changed with tinyBuild‘s Kill It With Fire VR is that it should’ve been customised to include proper room scale tracking. On the Meta Quest 2, it’s included, but is very limited. The PSVR version handles it differently. The option to move around the limited space by either pushing the navigation stick or pointing to where you want to go isn’t perfect, but it at least gets people standing–the best way to play this game. The game deals with the rest. Using the controller to move might induce motion sickness. But if you can handle the nausea, the thrill of the hunt is on!

The older version is still fun to play, but to have that virtual world sensation delivers a unique experience. It’s like when I’m hunting them for real; whenever I spot a spider, I chase after these critters with a slip of cardboard and a cup to catch for release outside. I’m not that cruel in real life. Although, the more of them you can flatten in-game, the more satisfying the experience is. And virtual apartment you live in opens up! But the game doesn’t end there. It’ll take you outdoors too and into other environments.

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