Cyberpunk Enthusiast Lukas Mariman Dies After Long Illness

By James (I am Lame) Robert Shaw

R.I.P. 1973 – 2016

LukasAvatarIt is with sad hearts that I announce the passing of Lukas Mariman. He was a 43-year-old man from Belgium who founded Cyberpunk Science Fiction and Culture, one of the largest cyberpunk groups on Facebook. He wasn’t a science fiction author, a comic book artist, an actor from a Hollywood blockbuster or a director — the important thing to know about Marimam is that he’s a fellow enthusiast who was truly passionate for all things cyberpunk, particularly Blade Runner and Ghost In the Shell. He was thought of by many as a lovely guy who made a difference in the fan community. He gave people who loved cyberpunk a place to go and a place to belong to.

Users from the Facebook group Marimam founded offered their recollections on hearing of his death:

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