Cyberpunk Enthusiast Lukas Mariman Dies After Long Illness

By James (I am Lame) Robert Shaw

R.I.P. 1973 – 2016

LukasAvatarIt is with sad hearts that I announce the passing of Lukas Mariman. He was a 43-year-old man from Belgium who founded Cyberpunk Science Fiction and Culture, one of the largest cyberpunk groups on Facebook. He wasn’t a science fiction author, a comic book artist, an actor from a Hollywood blockbuster or a director — the important thing to know about Marimam is that he’s a fellow enthusiast who was truly passionate for all things cyberpunk, particularly Blade Runner and Ghost In the Shell. He was thought of by many as a lovely guy who made a difference in the fan community. He gave people who loved cyberpunk a place to go and a place to belong to.

Users from the Facebook group Marimam founded offered their recollections on hearing of his death:

Stanley Christopher Burns II
Yeah. Aside from setting the tone for what the group should be he’d always have a friendly reply or comment for you, but if he disagreed he wasn’t a d*** about it. The most graceful admin I’ve ever seen in handling disputes or even personal attacks. Kind of a bellwether for how we should all treat each other online.

Blake H. Lindsey
It’s funny how losing someone you have never met (hell, I never even knew what he really looked like), can cause grief. I’ve immensely enjoyed my interactions with him over the last few years, especially his sense of humor in the face of absurdity—laughing at the craziness of it all will always be CPAF

Leonard Smith
What a loss, not only to us but to his friends, family and wider world. Lukas created a community for us to discuss our favourite genre, Cyberpunk, something he was massively passionate about. He brought us together, as a group of like minded individuals, to share our passion and further our knowledge.

What I find amazing is the outpouring of grief from such a wide array of people, from all over the world. Lukas’s wit, charm, passion and knowledge has reached far into cyberspace, touching all our Cyberdecks.

It brought a few tears to my eyes, finding out that this utterly cool guy has been taken from us. God always takes the brightest, best of humanity. Lukas you were the best of us, may you Rest in Peace buddy.

Please pass my condolences to his family.

Desirae Peñaranda
oh no cry emoticon oh this is so sad! this place will never be the same without him. ive been missing his presence here and now its to be forever like that. heavy heart today. RIP.
His spirit shall live on in here.
He was so kind and had a good soul.

Teresa Lynn Johnson
Can’t believe this. I joined this group when he started it (10-15 people at the time). He created this group because the main Cyberpunk group admins (who were idiots) kicked him out and blocked him from re-joining because they thought he was posting too much. I miss the earlier posters when this group started and he was always a fixture. RIP Lukas…the Net is vast and infinite..enjoy the journey.

Kelly Fishbeck
I’ve also been in this group since the very beginning, and I just adored Lukas. We had the most interesting conversations, and I was so delighted to discuss cultural differences ( and similarities!) as we lived halfway around the world from each other. The internet is so beautiful that we can bond with people so far away, that we have so much in common with despite the fact that we would never have met in real life.

I am just so heartbroken to hear this…I knew about being in the hospital but I was eagerly awaiting his return. He made such an impression and was the most interesting person inside – I’m so glad that I got to meet him and spend a bit of time getting to know each other while he was here. Dammit this breaks my heart. Godspeed, Lukas…. And best of luck in the next part of your journey, wherever that is.

Bryan Magyar
I became a member of the group somewhat a year ago. Through some Cyberpunk post we had some pleasant interactions via comments. Not long ago I sent him a friend request and he accepted, I was looking forward to getting to know him. This is a real bummer, I didn’t really know him, but I feel I missed out on getting to know one really cool dude. Rest in Peace Lukas.

Source(s): Cyberpunk Science Fiction and Culture Facebook group.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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4 thoughts on “Cyberpunk Enthusiast Lukas Mariman Dies After Long Illness”

  1. I came late to the party, I barely got a chance to know him and only got to talk with him a couple of times before he was taken away. It sucks. It’s just so strange to feel an emptiness over someone I barely knew, but the man had a presence and he built something real. You can feel it just being in the group he created, listening to the other members share their memories, and seeing what he left behind that was bigger than any one person. He was the real deal.

    1. Thank you Hans. Sometimes it’s fans not movie stars one remembers most fondly. I couldn’t let his passing go without at least some words on my part. I was surprised at the impact he made to many people. And the words they gave felt so genuine that I knew from reading them he was held in high regard.

  2. I met Lukas via before it was an FB group, and was part of Usenet. His enthusiasm was infectious, ad his support of me during my own life threatening illness last year was greatly appreciated. We will miss his good humor, and he would smile when I say, “Lukas, we blame you.”

  3. Lovely, thank you.
    I knew Lukas from around the beginning of the group, friends equally exilled from another one, and our friendship only grew over the years; and to this day I think of our conversations and his influence on all of us. I’m even naming a character after him in a TV show. Lukas learned, loved, and lived the genre, welcoming all into the fold, who could handle it.
    Rip brother.

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