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The Order (on Season 2 & Origins), An Interview w Dennis Heaton

28 Aug

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

With a simple teaser from Netflix back in March of when season two of the horror drama The Order will arrive, coming soon is not enough. Filming the series depends on availability of when cast and crew can be at the University of British Columbia between semesters (or during). When detailed information was lacking at their presentation at the San Diego Comic Con last month, I was glad I spoke with Dennis Heaton, the creator, beforehand.

Like Ghost Wars, The Order is a product of everything he’s enjoyed as a fan of horror and comedy. The latter is more of his baby than previous works. To speak to him ahead of any current promotion (to which Netflix has been quiet lately) is to show I’m enjoying the series, and I binged the series at least three times. I spoke to him about the series and hoped to maybe get an idea or two about what’s he has in mind happen for season two.

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SyFy/Netflix’s Ghost Wars: Explained. An Interview with Dennis Heaton

19 Jul

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Dennis Heaton is a screenwriter who won recognition not only in the Canadian animated front with works like Yvon of the Yukon and Being Ian, but also has produced many a fond tale of terror—the most notable being Fido. This story was developed while he was still in film school; when he met Andrew Currie (the director). Together, they fine-tuned the screenplay into a wonderfully unique film. Interestingly, this writer sees the two genres, comedy and horror, two sides of the same coin.

“You’re essentially trying to craft the same unexpected outcome,” noted this filmmaker. “When the opportunity to craft what I loved came along, I jumped at it!”

In terms of recent works, Heaton is one of the executive producers and writers of Ghost Wars. This series is available on Netflix Canada and is best viewed like drinking fine wine. It should be enjoyed in carefully measured sips so every detail can be taken careful note of. SyFy got first dibs in airing this program in the States, and I had to wait. Binge-watching is not advised.

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