Summer Lovin’ with Kimono Cats Latest Update is Here!

You can’t just pop every balloon that floats around in Kimono Cats. It requires players to pay attention to win m’lady’s heart.

Kimono Cats Title CardSummer is here, and for most people, that means taking an enjoyable walk to enjoy the season! Some may want to visit the park or head to the beach for a stroll along the boardwalk. That’s the vibe Kimono Cats by HumaNature Studios is going for, and in this much anticipated update, you’re playing an unnamed hero with a female companion whom he’s courting. While this “narrative” isn’t fixed as it now offers gender-neutral character designs/customizations, I’m glad the game is being future-proofed!

As for how far the default mode goes, there are a lot of levels to hit, and I’m still not done! Here, players are primarily throwing darts at balloons so that their contents will drop for me to catch and give to Miaow. Her reactions rate how well your progress is. Part of the goal includes winning her heart. It’s a scenario often found in many high school anime in one form or another. As a festival takes place and teens attend it, there’ll be a scene where the boy has to take on some game to win a prize for his girlfriend. Continue reading “Summer Lovin’ with Kimono Cats Latest Update is Here!”

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