Crowdfunding & Bringing Families Together in According to Camden

According to CamdenAccording to a Camden is a short film seeking crowdfunding by a group of talented filmmakers who also see themselves as nerds. Some of whom are going into their third year (or are alumni) of the Motion Picture Arts Program at Capilano University in North Vancouver and this project is taking place in between terms as a project. For executive writer/director Maelina de Grasse, she’s bringing years of her talent (having been in live theater as one of the dancers in Kaleidoscope Theatre‘s Rocky Horror Show) to a story she says is an honest and earnest piece of her heart.

“It’s funny, I don’t think I realized just how close to it I was … until I got to the point that I was pitching it for Off the Grid [a film program from May-June which allows students to turn their ideas into reality], at Capilano University,” said de Grasse.

She had to break down what the film was about. The idea did not come until after the script was done, and it looked at the themes of loneliness and isolation that many people — not just nerds — feel. She specifically wanted to explore the constant trials of figuring who you are and who you want to be in this crazy and confusing world.

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