The Stones and Brian Jones Tell All Documentary Is Here!

What’s presented in The Stones and Brian Jones shows how they were once buddies, warts, rivalries and et al.

The Stones and Brian Jones One Sheet PosterMagnolia Pictures
Releasing to all major platforms Nov 17, 2023

To say Brian Jones got no satisfaction from being ousted from The Rolling Stones is an understatement, few would argue. This founder laid everything out that he wanted for this group, but sadly his erratic behaviour and drug addiction destroyed him. These days, not every newcomer to this band would know just how important he was unless they watch The Stones and Brian Jones.

In Nick Broomfield‘s excellent documentary, Jones’ world is fully explored. We also hear from his bandmates and the industry about what they thought of him. He was well respected despite all that went on. Although much of his contributions are lost to history and disinterest, I have newfound respect for him. And everything he’s done to help make the stones the supergroup that they now are is honoured here than lamented.

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