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Exploring Tom Cruise’s Meaningless Life in Edge of Tomorrow, A Movie Review

7 Jun

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Maybe Tom Cruise can use Scientology to explain Edge of Tomorrow. It has the makings to have a deeper meaning but that’s an opportunity missed. This science fiction film uses a time loop formula in the style of Groundhog Day to tell a ‘save the Earth from an alien invasion’ scenario in the vein of Starship Troopers. In terms of how this religion can be read into this film, all anyone has to know is that from one life to another the immortal soul learns from its experiences from one life to better itself in the next. In this film’s case, Major William Cage (Cruise) gains the experience needed to deal with the marauding Mimics, a tentacled species intent on conquering Earth, every time he dies and is ‘reborn.’

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