Mad Cats is Mad Cap Hiliarity that only Reiki Tsuno Can Realise!

Mad Cats is one heck of a roller coaster ride of an action flick and a laugh out loud road trip movie at the same time.

Mad Cats Movie PosterPlaying at Fantasia Film Festival Aug 4, 2023
For tickets, please visit the link here.

Mad Cats is more than just another absurdist fantasy, and I rather enjoyed how it brought the Egyptian veneration of felis catus to a Japanese film. Here, a cult of cat-women are hell-bent on taking out a mega corporation. While the motives aren’t entirely clear, I would not question it. Although this micro-budget film didn’t go all out in the makeup department to make this villainous cast look feline, it’s easy to understand why they are completely human. If they don’t totally blend in, then to attack their targets would be a lot more problematic.

This group of warriors serve Bastet. And as for why they’re targeting Japanese pet shop owners is because of Mune Kurosawa (So Yamanaka) ticking off this Egyptian goddess. After locating the seat of her power and finding where she stashes her catnip, he’s caged up for his transgression.

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