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Ant-Man Dated and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Pushed Back

10 Sep

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Will Ant-Man be a dead ant, if the reports from both Slash Film and The Hollywood Reporter are any indication?

Edgar Wright’s Marvel movie about a scientist, Henry Pym, discovering sub-atomic particles that can change a mass’ size can mean either high budget effects or lower than expectation scares in a busy summer movie month. The big question the industry folks are asking is how well will this movie perform in the middle of summer, now that this film has been pushed to July 31, 2015.

On this busy plate is Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, Inside Out on June 19, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 on July 10. No date has been set for Star Wars Episode VII.


But with todays news that PoTC being put on hold, there is finally some breathing room. But as for what that means for the mouse, are they overreaching themselves? Fortunately, they have the sense to pace all these blockbuster titles out throughout the next few years.

The next step for the Avengers to make may include Pym. But until phase 3 of the Avengers saga is developed, what’s next is only a version of the East Coast scene. Fans might end up seeing a formation of the West Coast Avengers to save the day!

Source: Slash Film, Hollywood Reporter

Looking Deeper into Marvel Comics’ Avengers Movie & Guessing at What’s Next

17 Jul

by Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Marvel Studio’s magnum opus The Avengers kicked off the 2012 season of summer blockbusters and with Robert Downey Jr. confirmed to play Stark in Avengers 2 for 2015, this universe will no doubt be sizzling. Answers have to be made to address what Iron Man has witnessed after entering that worm hole. With more comic book films like Thor: The Dark World to come, the stories being introduced will no doubt concentrate on each individual hero and maybe tease at how each film will tie in to the next movie. The focus may move away from the mysterious cube that was introduced in this first film, but for fans in general, they will be asking the question of for what reason will the Avengers reassemble in the sequel coming up?

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Just How Many Times Must the Avengers Assemble?

28 May

By Ed Sum


If the movie Iron Man 3 can be ignored and the animated series Avengers Assemble can take its place, then audiences have a perfect cartoon follow-up to the Avengers movie from last year. Some of the important nuances Joss Whedon’s treatment involved how individualistic each character is. And to try to get them to act as a team is part of what made the film great. The team didn’t work until when it counted the most.

This series has plenty of potential if it gets steered in the right direction. When considering that this series is developed to broadcast on Disney XD, the question of just how complex will the narrative get will depend on who is in charge of leading the Avengers. The pilot episode sets up Tony Stark (voiced by Adrian Pasdar) as a whipping boy. He is the billionaire playboy who thinks he can lead a team. But can he?

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