Japan Aquarium’s Christmas Tree Lights Powered by Eels

tobaaquarium4By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

In the city of Toba in Mie Prefecture, the Toba Aquarium is running unusual Christmas displays. During the holidays visitors will have a chance to see a four metre Christmas tree made up of 1000 LED lights. The lights have a different power source provided by the aquarium’s electric eels. The LED lights remain a static green until one of the eels discharges electricity causing the lights to flicker a different colour. Eels discharge electricity when surprised or when stunning prey. Lighting time will be from 09:00-17:00 (9 am-5 pm).


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In Vancouver, BC You Can Level Up with EXP Restaurant

exp-bar-vancouverEXP Restaurant + Bar
309 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC

Hours: 5PM–12AM
Phone: (604) 558-1337

Who can not love a restaurant catering to video game nerds? EXP Restaurant & Bar has been in operation since late 2012 and perhaps the only reason why I have not noticed this place is because it’s a game of darts at randomly determining an area to dine at whenever I visit Vancouver, BC.

At this place, all of the entertainment is digital. While waiting for a table, you can play the latest games on an X-Box One. With Shaw Wifi at the premise you can also fish out your mobile for a few Candy Crush quick plays (or another online game of your liking).

My addiction (yes, I admit it) to the Pokémon GO game is not as huge as others, but it’s still my go-to game to kill time — assuming there is a stop and spawn spot within range. This operation recognizes the sudden popularity of this game, and they had plenty of art hanging by the front to admire. I inquired if any of the new Pocket Monster creations hanging on the walls were available for purchase as a print. Sadly, they aren’t since there’s no contact information on them and one of the staff told me so. At least I was permitted to take photos for prosperity. I love the pop art fusion style that permeates through the place, and the scents from the kitchen were very good too!

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[Victoria, BC] In Saanich for Evil Acres — Take 2015

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

1607035_386482928176879_630313543971803379_nfrom 7 to 11pm daily
continues to Oct 31st
10375 Wilson Rd.
North Saanich, B.C.

In the month of October, some residents of Victoria, BC make a ritual out of going to Evil Acres, a haunted attraction located near Victoria Airport. Part of the joy is in entering the Slaughter House. This spooky abode has changed from what I remember last year. There’s a room that is truly dark, and you have to feel around to find the way out. There’s no joy in going through this home alone (although you’ll get the best experience out of the ‘solitude’ of the situation; some of the best horror stories involve divide and conquer) and I had to wait until two buddies of mine had time so we can go to this spookfest together.

I’m rarely disappointed, even though my stoicness is tough to break. When my writing partner James Shaw is tough to entertain in a concert, I’m harder to freak out when it comes to these walk-through tours. Yes, I can be startled but to get that creeped out feeling, it better be 100% real. That’s just one of the many reasons why I became a paranormal investigator. Although I know most ghosts can not harm you, the feelings you get when something happens and your logical mind can’t figure out, the spine-chilling feeling will just not go away!

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