Only the Brotherhood Wants to See Assassin’s Creed

484-film-page-largeBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Video game buffs will be curious about Assassin’s Creed. When this movie is competing in a heavy holiday week which includes Rogue One and Sing, a single film will stand out and the winner is sadly obvious. This product succeeds at a reasonably enjoyable techno-fantasy romp that blends ideas from the Tomb Raider 2 (ala Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull route) with DaVinci Code.

However, this film is an introductory one, and it needs more substance (lore) to make it more filling. I do not know the games very well, so I was going into this movie slightly blind. The archaeology hints at a master race (the Nephilim?) who predated the creation of the Garden of Eden (from whence the apple came from) in order to create the Tree of Good and Evil to which Adam and Eve plucked from which gave them free will. I’m being deliberately misleading so not to spoil the real mythos.

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Ranking the Video Game Movies of 2016


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

So far, this year’s crop of movies inspired by video games is not making the grade. With two films out and at least three more due this year, I’m ranking the remaining couple by order of appeal and anticipation. After a lull in the previous years for the number of properties being turned into a film, I have to wonder what makes this year special. Another title, concerning a gentleman thief in an anthropomorphic world was slated for this year, but I’m dubious that it will come out in time before the year is over. I list this “Sly” film anyways, in hopes it comes out in time.

Will these features be good? Hard to say, since half the time these movies are made, it’s mostly to reignite a dying franchise. Just how Angry birds manages to stay on top after eight years is amazing. Rovio Entertainment must be making pigs fly to keep their flagship product alive. I’ve played the game and enjoyed it, but the novelty has died for me after their take on Star Wars in 2012. Kudos goes to the company for making a very addictive game (for some), and it just makes a glancing blow in making my top three of the movies I want to see.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Release Date: September 2, 2016

After five films, this zombie-fighting franchise still shows it’s tough to put down the undead. Milla Jovovich looks great as always, and although the title implies an ending to the saga, to see how the Umbrella Corporation finally gets put down makes this film the number one product to check out. I’m just hoping the studio doesn’t do the no-brainer idea and simply reboot it with a new leading lady.

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