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Trolls: World Tour is Loud and Live on VOD!

11 Apr

Trolls World Tour (Western Animation) - TV TropesBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Available on Amazon and iTunes

After a rousing success with the first Trolls film, the sort of couple Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) are going on a world tour! That’s quite the date for the second outing of these happy-go-lucky music loving critters who never had a huge back story before DreamWorks Animation acquired the license. With a franchise more than 60 years old and not having consistency in the few animated takes last century, it at least sowed the seeds to what this animation studio would further.

All the puff haired critters want to do is have fun. When Poppy learns others of her kind are living elsewhere, she believes it’s time to meet and perhaps also unite the different tribes. The irony is that her nemesis, Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), also has the same idea of uniting them to one sound–the world of hard rock. Her once and former king dad doesn’t disagree and has since retired from the throne. To hear Ozzy Osbourne as the the voice is perfect.

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow Are Trolls

6 Nov

Trolls Movie PosterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The creative minds behind Dreamworks Trolls must have been influenced by 70’s musical comedy TV show, The Partridge Family. I really could not stop humming along to the later season’s opening title song, “Come on, Get Happy” afterwards and even hours later, that tune is still not out of my head! When this film’s story is about these Trolls celebrating life, they have a good reason to always be cheerful.

However, Branch (Justin Timberlake) reminds his people that their past will eventually catch up with them; one-day. the Bergins (giants) will find them and, like the Smurfs before them, get caught! Instead of an evil man, a hag has more of a motive to hunt them down like the wicked witch she is! Sadly, the day has come because Poppy (Anna Kendrick), the optimistic daughter of the king, was singing too loud and set off fireworks. Because she believes nobody should get left behind, she’s confident her friends can be rescued.

Branch does not and reluctantly follows because the Trolls have made his home their safe house. He wants them out! His doom and gloom make him the cautious type, but yet he finds something interesting about Poppy who throws that to the wind.

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