A Look Back At Past FREE RPG Day and Selections of the Past

Here, we look back and offer a list of past Free RPG Day goodies for those looking to collect these unique offerings!

Free RPG DayFree RPG Day has come and gone, and although not as big as Free Comic Book Day, the former has its legions of supporters. Not every local games shop participates, as they have to pay for shipping the items to them, but in those that do, the joy in discovering what’s new to play is part of the fun. The event helps bring people who love using their imagination to bring to life realms like Dungeons and Dragons. In the world of role-playing games, the sky is the limit for fantasy, military strategy and science fiction. With the roll of the dice, fates of characters are determined.

Ever since this event’s inception on June 16, 2007 by Impressions Game Distribution Services, the interest is there. This celebration has its host of regular sponsors, like Chessex, Pelgrane Press and Q-Workshop. Other companies participate when they have new products to promote. GAMA (The Game Manufacturers Association) is a major sponsor. Their mission is to promote the interests of all persons involved in the commerce of games and game-related products and their vision is to instill a positive impression of tabletop games in the mainstream consciousness, and to effect a significant increase in game play throughout the world.

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