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Dissecting I, Frankenstein

25 Jan

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Mary Shelley must have turned over in her grave by now. Even though I, Frankenstein, a graphic novel by Kevin Grevioux, is loosely based on her seminal work, the tale feels more like that of the Wandering Jew waiting for an apocalypse to happen. The end of days is coming sooner than later for the studios involved because this movie is seeing low box office returns. As for why, perhaps it’s because of the constant delays it faced getting to cinemas.

This movie may have fared better if it was released on the date it was originally scheduled for, Feb 22, 2013. When studios are still betting on 3D and IMAX for added pocket-money, that’s a sign that they do not care as much for what the fans want. Their desire for dollars will spell doom for the studio system way of making films. 3D conversion should get ditched and IMAX only offered for those movies — namely the documentaries — that deserve it.

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