AmPM’s Release of Stereo Sunset shows why Initial D’s sequel is here and MF Ghost is Racing Ahead of the Competition!

If you love the anime, Initial D, then you’ll love MF Ghost. And AMPM is leading the race with a musical teaser of Stereo Sunset ahead of their album release.

MF Ghost Teaser Poster ahead of Stereo SunsetDon’t let the title deceive you because it’s October. But MF Ghost is a new anime series that’s now broadcasting in Japan and it is a sequel to Initial D.  Fans can enjoy the musical teaser, ‘Stereo Sunset (Prod. AmPM)’ while waiting for this series eventual release to foreign markets.

This track is available on various music streaming platforms, and it’s sung by Himika Akaneya from voice actor/idol hybrid unit i☆Ris.

Download and streaming links can be found through

From the Press Release:

In addition to her work as a voice actor, Akaneya is also active as an actor in movies and on stage, but this will be her debut performance as a solo artist. Her song ‘Stereo Sunset (Prod. AmPm)’ is based on city pop, a genre that is hugely popular both in Japan and overseas, and she was selected for her transparent singing voice that matches the vibe of the song, as well as her unique presence and awesome singing ability.

The track was produced by Japanese masked production duo AmPm, whose music is beloved by fans all over the world – indeed, 80% of their listeners are based outside of Japan. The track combines AmPm’s delicate production skills and comfortable beats with nostalgic lyrics by ARAKI, who regularly writes music for idols, artists and voice actors, to deliver a unique spin on the city pop sound. Akaneya’s gentle singing voice at times veers on spoken word, and the result is a medium-tempo song that is warm and comforting.

In addition to the “TV size” short version of the song becoming available, a teaser video was also released.

Himika Akaneya commented on ‘Stereo Sunset (Prod. AmPm)’ by saying, “The lyrics to this song reference imagery related to driving, such as the ‘stereo’ and ‘a neon heart reflected in the windows’, while the word ‘sunset’ melds perfectly into the song’s relaxing melody, putting the listener right there in the scene. I think you will be able to immerse yourself in the lingering afterglow at the end of each episode of the anime. This will be my first time to sing solo, and while I do feel a little nervous, I’m very happy to be involved with the music for ‘MF GHOST’, which is a series loved by many fans. I hope that as each episode ends, this song’s casual melody and poetic flow will touch your heart – even just a little. Please check it out.”

The full-length version of ‘Stereo Sunset (Prod. AmPm)’ will be released on CD on November 22.

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