BACK-ON is Lighting the Way with Gundam Build Metaverse OP ‘Hikari To Kaze’

It’s time to get BACK-ON with Gundam Build Universe’s latest hit single, now available to stream online!

BACK-ON_Hikari to Kaze_JKTThe powerhouse Japanese rock and hip hop band BACK-ON’s opening theme ‘Hikari to Kaze’ for the Gundam Build Metaverse web series is here, and for gunpla enthusiasts, there’s a lot to enjoy from this song. This upbeat track is also available to download and stream, and it’s keen play on words with the Japanese meanings behind ‘Hikari’ (which translates to power, illumination, or vision) with the word ‘kaze’ (meaning ‘wind’) is a concept which works very well in this Gundam univesres but also is the very foundation of what this music group represents too.

KENJI03, the band’s guitarist and songwriter commented, “The Build series is celebrating its 10th anniversary, so I created this song with the image of new challenges and the future that lies ahead. We wanted to take a different approach from our past material, while keeping to a fundamental concept we’ve had since the formation of BACK-ON: ‘Hikari to Kaze’. So I hope people can feel the link between the series’ story, but also our own experience as a band, and I hope that whoever listens can feel us giving them a little nudge to take on what the future holds for them. I can’t wait to hear the lyrics and see the animation at the same time!! Please check it out!”

Having had their songs featured in four different titles within the franchise, including their big hit ‘Nibun no Ichi’, the music video to which has been viewed over seven million times on Youtube, this group is sailing away to a bright future.

BACK-ON 2023airtst photo

TEEDA, the units MC and lyricist added, “Congratulations to Gundam Build Metaverse for its release! As KENJI03 said, ‘Hikari to Kaze’ was the band concept at the time we formed. It’s a song created by a flashback to the joys and pains of working towards your dreams, which also relates to starting fresh in the metaverse. This is a song created with a lot of passion that I hope will fill fans with a sense of nostalgia, thinking back to when they first fell in love with the world of Gundam.”

Gundam Build Metaverse is available to watch via the official GUNDAM.INFO YouTube channel. It’s helmed by acclaimed director Masami Obari at Sunrise Beyond, who is no stranger to the Gundam world, having worked on numerous titles through the years, as well as involvement in other iconic anime, such as AD Police, Saint Seiya and Bubblegum Crisis. To celebrate the release of Gundam Build Metaverse, all previous entries to the series have been made available to stream now.

Gundam Build Metaverse KV_トリミング済_©あり

Gundam Build Metaverse Story:

A new Internet service has been born in the world of Gunpla. Within the Metaverse realm, the user can control their own avatar, interact with other users, play Gunpla Battle, and purchase actual Gunpla.

Rio Hojo is a boy who has dived into this new world. Studying Gunpla building techniques in the real world with Seria Urutuski, and absorbing Gunpla Battle know-how from Mask Lady in the Metaverse world, he has been honing his skills day by day. After completing his own original Gunpla, the Lah Gundam, Rio happens to encounter some past champions of Gunpla Battle in the Metaverse realm. 

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