When The Kill Room Meets Art Criticism, Who Says Murder Isn’t Art?

Making money is hard these days, and just what can one art dealer do to make ends meet? Apparently, it’s to make some dirty dealings with the Miami underground in The Kill Room.

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From selling fake artwork from celebrated modern masters to more crazy installation type pieces, The Kill Room is a fantastic black comedy which stars Uma Thurman–who doesn’t look like she’s aged by much since her Kill Bill days. With Samuel L. Jackson as a mentor on how she should deal with managing an art studio that’s having a lot of problems, what goes from a simple scam to scheme could go awry!

But when Patrice (Thurman) discovers a new talent in Reggie (Joe Manganiello), she doesn’t really get just what he truly does for a living. There are hints about what he does in Nicol Paone‘s direction, but nobody seems to care. He’s a natural-born killer, and somehow what he uses as a calling card are considered works of art!

When he becomes an overnight Avant-Garde sensation in the art world, the shenanigans that go on for each person involved to not become an accessory to murder kept me watching. Plus, to see Thurman and Jackson together again is a huge selling point! They get enough screen time to not overshadow the actual story. It’s really more about Patrice and Reggie, and how they can support each other in “crisis” of their individual lives.

Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson in THE KILL ROOM

I’m sure Tarantino would love this tale; it delivers some of his trademark style of violence without getting too over the top. And to see Uma play a character who’s truly spiralling makes up most of the movie. When she finally gets control, the just what she does is terrific. Patrice knows she’s in too deep, and to turn Reggie in would mean answering a lot of uncomfortable questions.

To say “a picture is worth a thousand words” becomes less demanding with a movie titled The Kill Room. With strong performances throughout, all I could do was snicker and ask if Patrice can emerge unscathed out of this mess she got herself into. As for Reggie, all he wants to do is get out of the limelight as fast as he can, but will the cops be chasing after him? I won’t say, but the catch is perfect to make this art dealer the talk of the town.

4 Stars out of 5

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