Star Trek Prodigy has Safe Harbour on Home Video This Week with the Release of Season 1, Episodes 11-20!

Thankfully fans can view Star Trek Prodigy in full with the home video release that’s coming tomorrow! It’s certainly worth binging on to recall everything this misfit crew has gone through in attempting to reach The Federation.

Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 Episodes 11-20 Blu-ray Cover
Available to purchase on Amason USA

Release Date: Sept 26, 2023

Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 – Episodes 11-20 will soon beam onto home video since it’s no longer on available on Paramount’s streaming service. As expected, the presentation is very crisp and we have a definitive look into the season with the featurettes offered. As for whether more episodes will broadcast on Nickelodeon, who helped produce it, nobody truly knows. Not even Admiral Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) is certain.

Thankfully for this series to boldly go where no series has gone before means the finished first half of season two must play somewhere. Hopefully, sales of this release will show many fans love this series, and the dollar signs will motivate the Hageman Brothers to push for getting their finished batch of season two episodes aired!

In what this release offers is further sub-adventures with Dal R’El (Brett Gray), Gwyndala (Ella Purnell), Jankom (Jason Mantzoukas), Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Zero (Angus Imrie), and Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) before finally arriving in the Alpha quadrant. Just how this set shows them finally arriving, and encountering The Federation certainly reveals tension, and as for what happens next, I wish I had a looking glass to tell me what the fate is for this series.

But before this reveal happens, they have a few more adventures where they meet a few characters from this series’ past. The bonus feature “The Odyssey of Prodigy” nicely explains why these unsavoury type individuals are still around. Sorry, but Harry Mudd has no doubt passed. But for David Garrovick, he’s still alive and how he handles things in the hilarious episode, “All the World’s a Stage,” shows he’s only doing it because the writing team wanted to offer a reverse idea that kind of harkens to Galaxyquest.

All the World's a Stage - Star Trek Prodigy

Also, since he’s not that ancient, viewers get a better sense of when Prodigy takes place following Voyager. As for how many years have passed, I suspect at least two decades has passed to explain the real Admiral’s grey hair and what was Chakotay’s mission into the Delta quadrant.

Another return is Captain Okana, who is still up to his old tricks. There’s a lot more tribute moments in this second half of season one, and since I can’t offer a list of top five until it’s all available for me to view in full, I’d say my most loved episodes are “Kobayashi,” “Time Amok,” “A Moral Star” “All the World’s a Stage” and “Preludes.”

The latter episode gives fans that backstory to explain how the young crew wound up at Tars Lamora. They tell each other their story while repairing the Protostar’s engine, and it’s a good one to flesh out the characters. While I feel “Let Sleeping Borg Lie” is unnecessary as a let’s round out introducing Star Trek to youths, it’s still a creepy episode and what I like about it is in how deep these heroes’ bonds are. What’s revealed shows there are other ways to break that Borg programming.

“Let Sleeping Borg Lie” - Star Trek Prodigy

All in all, I’m glad to have the complete series in my hands rather than online. That way, I can have each disc running until I’ve memorised the lines and enjoy it time and time again. It ranks right up there with LEGO Ninjago for terrific serialised storytelling.

As for being reminded about what’s being set up for season two, I really hope the producers involved will get the ball rolling and have an announcement soon. The next chapter promises to be strong because of a slight change of one character. The formula hasn’t changed, only altered. And just where they’re going may well be to the future!

Star Trek Prodigy: Season 1 – Episodes 11-20 Bonus Features

  • The Odyssey of Prodigy
  • Producing Prodigy:The Planets
  • Producing Prodigy: The Ships

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