When Star Wars has Young Jedi Adventures, The Feeling is “Luke”warm

Not everyone will take to this preschool series featuring Young Jedi Adventures from the Star Wars universe when we all know the fate of all the younglings….

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Some franchises don’t need to expand to new markets when everything established with those first films says it all. But for Star Wars, changing it up with going back in time from IV (back when it was introduced) to I might be jarring, Gungans included. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is really no different from other preschool animated series out there. After watching enough spinoffs like Transformers: BotBots and How to Train Your Dragon: Rescue Riders, these series won’t be for everyone.

Some studios just want to milk these IPs for all it’s worth so that it can appeal to all age demographics. Most long time fans don’t need it to introduce their kids to what they love, but it’s done anyways. I was curious because Dee Bradley Baker is in many animated Star Wars projects and I respect all the work he’s done in the world of animation. He voices Nubs, a blue bear training to be a Jedi alongside Kai Brightstar (the lead, voiced by Jamaal Avery Jr.) and Lys (Juliet Donenfeld). They form the trio to which this series spends more time with than the others.

To see Disney/Lucasfilm finally deliver to the demographic George Lucas wanted when he made Episodes I to III isn’t surprising. It just took a long time to get here. Although Young Jedi is considered canon according to various sources (mostly through CBR.com), I can’t wait to see when things get dark. Episode 3 “Revenge of the Sith” defined the fate of all younglings, and if the series goes down that route, I want to know how the characters from this series will cope.

The Cast of Young Jedi Adventures

Chronologically, Kai and Lys will escape this fate (this story takes place further back in time), but as for seeing them as adults and looking back, there’ll no doubt be an emotional response. If they don’t die young because of Anakin than General Order 66, then I like to see them as adults coping with the galaxy since their innocence will be forever lost.

Otherwise, this new crew doesn’t serve much purpose other than educate preschoolers on the ways of the Jedi–to do good unto others. When I first heard of this show, I thought it’d be cool to see a Young Luke learn some things about the Force. I never tire of this character. Instead, Young Jedi Adventures is about other younglings. Out of all the new cast introduced, I found Nash Durango (Emma Berman) a touch more mature than the others, and Taborr Val Dorn’s (Trey Diaz Murphy) as a very juvenile threat. I can’t help but think that he’s more of a Bobble-Head because of that thin neck of his. That’s how most of the characters look, and it’s an odd design that suggests all is not right in this universe.

The fourteen episodes currently available aren’t altogether very memorable. The intended audience will take a few lessons from it, but for me, it’s best to stick with the live action material or other animated series. In my case, it’s time to get caught up with Star Wars Visions! I immediately watched Cartoon Saloon’s entry and absolutely loved the implications of whom the Sith opts to kidnap a youngling to continue the rite of progression. This story deserves a follow-up, and as for the rest, I need to finish watching.

In what’s presented, Visions is the third best animated series to watch, with Star Wars: Clone Wars and Rebels (Amazon links) being my top favourite. Those are the series that are must-watches from the Disney era. As for the past, they are more nostalgic for the attempts. Everything else isn’t needed!

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