How Many Super Mario Bros. Movie Home Video Varients Are There?

Now on #homevideo is Illumination Entertainment and #Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Movie! And we got the deets on the extras.

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The best way to power-up with the home video release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is to check online for which outer package looks best on the shelf. There are steelbook editions (featuring Toad on the case; Best Buy), lenticular packaging (Target) and even a star-shaped tin (Walmart, online only). Unfortunately, it doesn’t light up otherwise I would’ve had it on preorder once I knew about it.

There might also be regional variants, but for me, when all I want is the motion picture and the bonus features, the standard 4K and Blu-ray issue holds.

I’m sure that when the planned series is over with, there’ll be a mega set in the shape of the golden power up box or Zelda’s chest. Nintendo is now developing the latter with Illumination Entertainment. That’ll be exciting, and it’s safe to say these properties won’t cross over! After these two flagship titles are out, along with the much anticipated Yoshi and perhaps also Starfox, an ultimate release is what I’m patiently waiting for. Fans of long running IPs never grow tired of playing or watching their favourite heroes embark on new adventures.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Walmart Tin

Alternatively, had all the Super Mario Bros. releases included a coupon code for Nintendo owners to redeem, I’d be tempted to collect them all. Whether what’s offered by doing so is enough for a discount for a videogame or a digital wallpaper is ultimately up to Nintendo to decide.

“Getting to Know the Cast” is important to explain how the talents understand the Nintendo characters. The most telling is no doubt with Seth Rogen and Jack Black revealing what direction they were given for their roles as Donkey Kong and Bowser, respectively. What’s said is that they were allowed to improv as much as they liked. Apparently, Keegan-Michael Key had a field day. Afterwards, it’s the job of the directors and editors to choose the best and get the animation to match.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Mario and Luigi

As much as I like outtakes, it really needs storyboards and they weren’t included. Maybe they’re being saved for the ultimate edition since this release is simply labelled power up edition. The next segment, “Levelling Up: Making the Super Mario Bros. Movie” gets into the nitty-gritty by discussing all the elements involved in turning the video games we all loved playing into a fun cinematic experience. That also includes paying tribute to the retro 2D game elements to becoming 3D, and why some vehicles are powered by bananas or lava. Just how deep the writers have gone truly honours the source.

In comparison, “The Field Guide” is made for the newcomer, and it really offers nothing new. The highlight is Jack Black’s “Peaches” music video! It’s presented in karaoke format so kids can finally sing-along. After watching all the bonus features, to see Anya Taylor-Joy get her own segment only affirms what producers and this actress wants for this woke character. They want to empower kids. However, I’m reading more into the presentation. To see her in that motorbike outfit is very Speed Racer. She can easily double for Trixie because that look and attitude are familiar. Whether or not that means testing the waters for a Speed Racer animated movie, I’m all for it!

When these featurettes say more Easter eggs exist, I’m definitely going to count what the other notable influences are since I can have it on repeat without eating up bandwidth. It’s not simply one huge Nintendo commercial. Instead, it’s an homage to all things retro and anime related! It’s very evident with the music chosen for the film. Also, when considering the very kaiju-like finale, this fact should not be surprising!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Final Trailer

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