Spin Master is Fast with Release of The Flash Toys so They’re Not Gone Tomorrow

Whether people want to support the next film from DC Entertainment or not, The Flash toys may well be something kids want–especially when there’s a Batwing involved!

The Flash Teaser Movie PosterSpin Master Toys is getting far ahead of the game with the release of The Flash toys ahead of its release on June 16th.

Whether these super hero movies do well depends on how much merchandise is out there these days. With Shazam: Fury of the Gods, all we have so far are product from Funko! Pops and McFarlene Toys. Having additional product from the said movie to play with is a good thing and to not have enough can hurt overall impressions. I’m surprised there is no dragon, since I’d really want to own that!

But for The Flash, I still feel it’s all about the caped crusader. Batman will be the hero more so than the Scarlet Speedster. I’m glad this toy company knows that and in their first wave of product release, have the latter item available:

The Flash Toys - 12-inch Feature FigureThe Flash 12-inch Feature Figure

Age: 4+ | MSRP: $24.99
Available to purchase online at

Bring The Flash to life and go on epic adventures with this posable 12-inch feature figure. Press The Flash’s chest to unlock his lightning speed, as he lights up and goes into running mode! Shake the figure to activate more lights and sounds, including phrases like, “C’mon, Barry! You got this!” With 11 points of articulation and movie-like styling, super-villains don’t stand a chance against the fastest man alive.

The Flash toys - Batwing Battle SetThe Flash Batwing Battle Set

Age: 4+ | MSRP: $29.99
Available to purchase online at

Take The Flash adventures to new height with The Flash Ultimate Batwing Set – featuring 4-inch The Flash, Michael Keaton Batman, Batwing Vehicle! The Flash movie action figures are highly detailed with 11 points of articulation for dynamic battle stances. Open up the cockpit and place The Flash and Batman into the epic Batwing vehicle. Pull up the landing gear and get defend the world against chaos! With a detailed sculpt and awesome movie-styling, your figures will come to life! Kids love to engage their imagination and create their own Super Hero vs Super Villain scenes! The fate of the world is in your hands.

Additional products are being released by DC Comics, which includes:

The Flash Batwing Battle Set (Amazon)The Flash Batwing
Battle Set
Amazon Exclusive

Take The Flash adventures to a new height with The Flash Batwing Battle Set–featuring 4-inch The Flash, Supergirl, Nam-Ek and Batwing Vehicle! The action figures included in this set (and also available in an all inclusive set) are compatable with Spin Master Toys products too, so fans can get the most out of playtime.

Open up the cockpit and place your figures into the epic Batwing vehicle! Pull up the landing gear and get defend the world against chaos! Can you find Nam-ek and take him down?

Author: Ed Sum

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