LEGO Ninjago Crystalized. Concerning Its Forbidden and Fragile Start.

LEGO’s animated series Ninjago is getting Crystalized. Despite finding this upcoming season had a strange release to online first, the wait to see how the story will continue is still worthwhile.

Ninjago CrystalizedComing to Teletoon Canada
June 18th 10:00 am (PST)

LEGO’s animated series Ninjago is getting Crystalized. Despite finding this upcoming season had a strange release to online first, the wait to see how the story will continue is still worthwhile.

That is, those lucky enough to see the series on The LEGO Company’s YouTube page got more than a preview before being removed days later. Soon afterwards, it appeared on Netflix before also getting pulled. The reason may be due to arrangements with television networks. Its unusual start was certainly confusing, but thankfully, this season should be on track for debut on networks this coming week. In Canada, the first pair of episodes (out of twelve) are coming to TeleToon this weekend. As for other territories, please check your listings.

Crystalized takes place a year later after Nya’s sacrifice. She transformed herself to become the sea in order to defeat Wojira, and her change into a elemental spirit has the mortal world mourning a loss. What she’s done is no different from what Black Widow has done in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Co-creator Tommy Andreasen even made a comparison to this series arc to the latter–especially when concerning the design of the poster–and it’s no surprise that instead of leaving her for dead, something will be done to bring her back.

As a result, we find the team feeling more divided than ever. Cole is no doubt devastated since he lost his wife, and the team are grieving in their own ways. Zane’s response is perhaps the most easiest to deal with when considering he’s an android much like Data from Star Trek. They know she’s not dead, but to go on without her is tough. They’re behaving just like how the the Ice Ninja disappeared in the story arc that made up seasons three and four. Instead of finding time alone to deal with their feelings, they’re preoccupying themselves with other work. They are this city’s Avengers after all.

In the meantime, new dangers are being created. Old enemies are regrouping and we also see in this trailer that there’s a new Ninja team. Who are they? Additionally, the trailer shows them out of jail and it’s safe to assume they’ll be recruited by the mysterious Crystal King, hence the title.

NINJAGO Crystalized – Official Trailer - YouTube

Also, the mysterious Vengestone buyer is finally the focus. In a series that’s been being built up on since Season 11, Secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu reeals that Wojira can’t be the only serpent they Ninjago team have to deal with. Maybe she has a human avatar to do her bidding! And it’s very unlikely she’s the only one of her kind. To figure what’s going on means rewatching the series from series eleven to now.

Those people who saw Ninjago Crystalized online are at an advantage. But, to recall all the details means having those broadcasts somehow PVRed.

I’ll soon be offering a review, commentary and episode analysis as they’re broadcasted on Teletoon. Lately, I’ve been rewatching the earlier seasons for clues. In what I’ve found and noted, one thing I can say for certain is that. the NInjago team have made a lot of friends from the past five or so seasons, and I’m guessing that they will be calling for their help at some point in this latest series arc.

But more will be be expounded upon in the coming weeks as these pairs of episodes are made available.

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