A Filthy Lot’s D&D Renactment Is Here!

10 Apr

A Filthy Lot Entertainment Inc. LogoAt long last is A Filthy Lot’s “A Meeting with Hammerlain,” a fully realised reenactment off one of the key moments from their D&D gaming channel. The group has to meet one of the magistrates, and what’s seen is a demonstration of what this studio can produce independent of the studio system in Vancouver, BC.

The delay is due to the team wanting to fine tune the edit and effects. They want the transition from one world to another seamless. The costumes are terrific and the encounter are as engaging as an episode of Stargate Atlantis. The behind-the-scenes team may have once worked at Bridge Studios before joining this company!

AFL’s flagship product is Ready to Roll, a web series where their in-house group of gamers are dealing with threats to the world of Altera. People can naviate the world through portals, but the politics and who can use them are in question. And not everyone knows they can transport folk to alternate dimensions.

Roz Young and Matt Baker are a couple who’ve created a unique (techno) fantasy world. In this video, we see the former as the Dungeon Master and the latter as one of the players. More often than not, Young is the guide (and borrowing from the cartoon) to this realm of Dungeons and Dragons.

The only difference is that we’re hearing the player’s voice moreso than the character. Both are technically the same but sometimes the nuance is missed depending on whether the fantasy segments are ADRed or not. The labour of love put behind this product is very evident, and most can accept that the performances are in par to the fantasy.

The Video

For more information about this company, please check out our interview with them in the prior article, From Startup to Vancouver’s Variety Channel for Gamers & Nerds Alike.

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