Presenting The Haunted Village in Full & Ashcroft, BC’s Haunted History

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The second episode of The Haunted Village is here and it fills in the details I’ve mentioned in my first article. Barbara Roden, Mayor of Ashcroft, British Columbia, sums it up with even more information and those reminders of old times are well represented in all the heritage buildings that still stand. One spirit who regularly manifests is dubbed ‘The Dark Haired Man.’ He alerts people to his presence by turning on the water taps, and it’s up to Peter Renn, Jason Hewlett and crew to try and find him.

The residents figured out who that entity is. They believe it’s Doctor George Sampson. As the team set up for an investigation to confirm the suspicions, the usual rigmarole is explained. Not everyone knows how the equipment works and as this episode delves into a familiar ghostbusters type intro (the library sequence) with its background music. Thankfully there’s no bad spirits lingering around here! This conclusion is more about recognizing the contributions this township made to the province, and acknowledging it in much of this video’s talk and B-roll.

One nice detail is in remembering everything the good Doctor did when he was alive. He taught everyone how cleanliness matters. It prevents disease.

As for whether his presence was around during the time of filming, we’re not certain, and nor do the residents truly need that affirmation. This arc was created because the team was invited up to check out this township and help put it back on the map again. It can use the tourist dollars.

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