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30 Jun

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Not everyone will have seen Peter Rabbit 2. This film may have hopped, skipped or jumped past certain theatres and purists (those who know the source material by Beatrix Potter) are more likely to pass this film series up than try to watch. I enjoy this modern update as it introduces him to a new generation where he’s not quite as rascally as Bugs Bunny and nor is he a Winnie the Pooh.

Thomas McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson) is more or less considered this bunny’s (voiced by James Corden) handler. This film picks up from where the last left off. He married Bea (Rose Byrne) and she proves Pete is “marketable.” Her children’s books about the rabbit are popular enough to get the attention of a huge publisher. She’s being courted to sell the rights so that the bigwigs can send the bunny to places akin to how a certain beagle has become huge for Apple TV. This other series no longer has the same quality as Charles Schultz‘s works. 

That’s the gist I got from the story written by Will Gluck and Patrick Burleigh. They constructed a tale that works for all kinds of viewers. One half is meaningful from a critical perspective of whether beloved properties should be ruined by consumerism. However, the other part about Peter wanting a place to belong is important. The meta moments are hilarious, even though the slapstick gets overdone. The extended barnyard family of Peter’s have the screen time they deserve, even though the general laughs they muster aren’t always needed. 

Peter meets up with a lot of vagrants who aren’t as silly. He joins his human companions as they visit the big city. Barnabas (Lennie James of Walking Dead fame) is an older rabbit, and his friends, Samuel Whiskers (Rupert Degas), a mouse and Tom Kitten (Damon Herriman). Even his sister, Mittens (Hayley Atwell) gets involved and together, they are up to no good. They’ve survived the streets for a long time and no longer believe existing in that forever home is possible. Their way to survive is to steal. The lessons the hero has to learn are simple. He has to decide if home is truly where the heart is or should he go join this gang. 

Unlike other similarly made films like Paddington, Peter Rabbit is a bloke who knows the difference between right or wrong. He learns from his mistakes, and it makes him a better person. This anchor has me enjoying this franchise more than the random misadventures of a certain bear.

4 Hops out of 5

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