We Want to Believe’s Ongoing Search for Bigfoot Mounts in Part Two!

24 Feb

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

We Want to Believe’s Bigfoot Hunt has expanded to four episodes in JoBlo.com’s YouTube channel, The Paranormal Network! Well, in what I was led to believe was that it would be a three-parter, but during the editing process the production team saw they had more to help add to the mystery of what lurks in the forests of British Columbia.

They are not purposely stretching out the content because current health and travel regulations say please stay at home. Regional variants of the COVID-19 virus, like this critter, are creeping in and that’s the last thing anyone wants to be besotted with!

Part Two shows Jason Hewlett talking to other leading Sasquatch hunters, namely paranormal podcaster Shannon LeGro and cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard, about why they are invested and what this creature represents in the various cultures around the Earth. Ken wisely reiterates the ideas from the first episode regarding how locals, namely the indigenous people, regard him.

Pretty soon, Hewlett’s going deep into Sasquatch’s territory instead of running away! He’s invited to TsinTsunko Lake by his friend Shawn (with fellow investigator Marcus in tow), and it’s a joy to see how comfortable Jason is in the woods. He’s not nervous either, and he jokingly says how he would respond if he did sight a hairy beast. Peter Renn will be in episodes three and four. He’s missing, and it’s not because some other phantom kept him busy.

To Tsintsunko Lake - Kamloops Trails

Could Bigfoot be Hiding in the beauty of Tsintsunko Lake?

This episode goes into explaining how these creatures communicate in the woods. There’s no additional information offered as I’ve seen a lot of documentaries about them knocking on trees like a drum as a warning system. This information is old, but to associate these furry beasts with the Tommyknockers, mischievous spirits, is wrong. I’m sure folklore exists about those who are nature’s protectors, where they warn of impending avalanches though.

In what makes this second episode special is the tease for the third! We may see how these mighty cryptoids live in the Pacific Northwest. There are habitats built out of fallen branches, and I’m sure I have not seen this before. In what the team has found feels like a first; this episode will drop in a month’s time. This revelation is what everyone is looking for–a glimpse at how they survive in the woods. We just have to stay tuned for it.

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