Discovering Immortality in Eternal Code

15 Jan

null 9By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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Eternal Code is a high fidelity thriller with low-fi science fiction ideas as the MacGuffin. In between the exposition is a discussion about the ethics of human experimentation–especially when it concerns being able to move the consciousness of one individual to another. One fact is certain: the recipient of this procedure is better off being brain dead. Another is who deserves this “second chance” more, those who can pay for the procedure or those who truly deserve a second chance at life because of something they did in the past which warrants a complete change of physical identity?

The idea can give hope to Corey (Damien Chinappi, a suicidal military vet) and Stephanie (Kaiti Wallen, a prostitute). It’d be terrible if they got the wrong end of the stick if offered. Instead, by befriending Miranda (Angelina Danielle Cama), they are more like heroes and don’t need any change at all. They can do it all for themselves, which is where this story shines.

She helped them out during their darkest hour, and they’re returning the kindness. Her parents are kidnapped by act two and she ran to them for help. Her mom is targeted because she’s the CEO of the firm behind this technology and is against the covert agenda.

This film gets very gangster after this revelation. It was a struggle to get to the end because Corey’s story was wavering and the chemistry between the characters were not always perfect. Magnus was the only individual who made the film for me. I particularly enjoyed watching Yan Birch (pictured right) play this Swedish mad scientist behind this Frankenstein idea.

null 10

I had to rely on my imagination in considering how souls are moved in the makeshift medical facility Corey infiltrates. The result was more cops and robbers by the end. This movie written and directed by Harley Wallen deserves a part two, but I suspect the Hitchcock-style ending he crafted will be left at just that.

3½ Stars out of 5

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