Kickstarting OMG! Horror & Interviewing Tone Rodriguez!

Tone Rodriguez and OMG! Horror AnthologyOMG! Is an upcoming horror anthology set to arrive on Kickstarter at the end of April. This series will be published by indie Aequitas Comics and Editor-in-chief Tone Rodriguez would have been championing this baby at a lot more conventions if only the world is not in lockdown. Fortunately, he was able to get a start at shows like Fan Expo Vancouver.

The Emerald City Comic Convention ashcan teaser edition has been “cancelled” and appropriately enough, is selling online for those wanting an advance teaser.

This series differs from others such that it draws from urban legends from all around the world, and leaves the finer details up to the imaginations of the writers and artists. The talent pool is huge, and Rodriguez hinted at having not only well-established talents but also newcomers contributing. I had the opportunity to chat with him briefly about this when he was in Canada, and correspond further to see what the plans are given the current situation that’s affecting many an industry.

How did the idea for OMG! come about?

My publishing partner Rob Dieterle and I were on a lengthy drive from Dallas and my place in Lafayette, Louisiana, where we started talking; he had another project with others and nothing really happened. I knew he LOVED horror and so I suggested we try doing an anthology, so that the artists and writers would have an easier time meeting their goals to complete the finished book.

Who will contribute?

I swear it’s a long list (just with covers)! We had a great talk with a former collaborator of mine, and he wants to be involved… so I’m super stoked! So far, our list of artists are Candice Dailey, Jake Goodman, Ryan Kincaid, Jose Varese, Jeremy Clark, Mostafa Moussa, Rob Broussard, Peter Smith, Chelcie Dieterle, Albert Morales and Raymund Lee coloring a big portion of this.

Was it difficult to get unknown talents involved versus those who are in the comic book industry? (big time or small)

To be honest, we traded a lot of favors to get a lot of this started. We have some amazing buddies, and as we chug along we find more creators interested in joining us on our journey.

[We also have] big names to help push this book to the next level.

How often will this series be published?

We’re getting the Kickstarter going at the end of April and we have plans on doing a single issue to get the “OMG!” train rolling. After that is one of two things–a second standalone issue or a larger OGN style anthology trade paperback.

But keep in mind this is only the beginning of what I want to do with Rob D. I mentioned we have several ideas started, so it’s not too far out to see other titles and other creators working on books and series under the AEQUITAS COMICS banner.

OMG! A HORROR ANTHOLOGY is just a springboard for several other projects.

What can readers expect in the first issue or two?

I’ve seen everything coming in, and the pages for our short story titled “Prized Possessions” are amazing, the artwork far exceeded my expectations. It’s all quality and beautiful to behold. I assure you, this book will have something for everyone. We covered all our bases, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping to get it to our supporters and fans of the Horror Genre alike.

Can we expect to find this work at comic book stores or can we buy direct?

The Kickstarter launches at the end of April, and we were trying to do the whole grassroots promotion by attending as many comic conventions as we could. However, this coronavirus scare has hit us hard! All of March has been wiped off our calendars, so it is making our jobs to spread the word that much more difficult.

We have a lot of friends, and Rob D. Has made a lot of contacts with shop owners across the U.S.A. so the book will mostly be available via our website using Facebook and Instagram to spread the word. But yeah, I’m hoping to get the book in every shop interested in carrying it. It’s not an easy task, but we will do our best.

Which other events will you be attending to market/sell this book?

Again, we had a long list of shows for this year… but this health scare isn’t making this easy. We have many of the major cons set up this year. But until this situation can get cleared up, I’m not sure which cons will still be on. I can say we update our schedule constantly, so please keep an eye on our Facebook page.

We will do our best to keep the cons and events posted and promoted. We don’t want to lose one opportunity to get the book in people’s hands.

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