Stay Safe Seattle. Emerald City Comic Con Postponed!

Emerald City Comic ConEmerald City Comic Con wants to make sure attendees stay safe and has finally announced it is postponed. With news of more people being infected by the coronavirus and Seattle perhaps being a hotbed (being part of a major flight route is technically bad), this massive convention will refund everyone who bought tickets.

People who have booked a hotel through the convention’s website are advised to phone them to cancel and don’t wait. Not every accommodation will do this automatically. They have records to see how you’ve booked and edit. Most airlines in affected thoroughfares are either automatically cancelling or will nix the usual fee in light of the global situation.

Those who bought tickets to photo-ops or side events will be refunded. Everyone just needs to be patient for when that will show up in either your credit-card statement or bank account. Epic Photo Ops’ email says this can take up to 30 days.

The only downside is that those who want to attend when a new date gets announced for sometime in the Summer will have to repurchase. Also the line-up of who will appear as guests is most likely to change.

Deciding on a new date will not be easy for the convention planning committee when several major California based shows take place in the busy July and August time frame. Also, just when it will occur will be based on when the illness is in control and mass fears have been placated.

This article will be updated as further information is announced by ReedPOP

Author: Ed Sum

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