What to Expect in Part 3 of Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Spoiler Alert

What can viewers of TheCW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths expect in part three? Since this live action take has to respect the comic book series plot outline, just how many more deaths must take place includes Barry Allen. Will he truly die or will another actor take his place?

The following includes references to last night’s airing of Batwoman. Spoilers ho!

The hints of Kyla turning coat–joining forces with the Anti-Monitor (as revealed in Batwoman) is expected. Will Oliver return from the dead? The gang wants him back, but he’ll be a changed man due to the Lazarus Pit’s affect. Nothing is said about the older version that we met in part one, and I suspect someone will have to assume the moniker on whichever Earth that survives. We know the multiverse will collapse to become a universe. After all, the whole purpose for this series was for merging all the titles together so a non-convoluted history can go forward.

To bring Black Lightning into the fold proper is needed, including The Titans and perhaps also Doom Patrol. With the added connections to past works from this network, we’re not talking about the return of Tom Welling (Smallville) to the role; the segment featuring him and Lois took care of that. He gave up his powers.

I’m betting Swamp Thing will be part of a revamped collective universe. With Constantine in the last episode, I hope to see a proper mix of science and magic shaping the ongoing core series–The Flash, Black Lightning, Batwoman and Supergirl–come next year.

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With Superman & Lois set to debut sometime next year, a lot of new continuing material (and reveal of Superboy to the public) is expected. Sadly, nothing of the Lois & Clark chapter was offered, and with three more episodes to go, I’m still hoping! As for where the Green Lantern Corps are in this crisis and not offering help to any universe in the multi is a huge mystery! Even though we get to see Kevin Conroy play Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the Crisis’ take, is it possible for Josh Keaton to return to the role he once voiced over too?

Since the Crisis offers to viewers a retcon of all past works, it’s safe to assume older properties are considered. Shazam and Isis never got a proper shake back when they aired in the 70s. Though the latter has little to do these days in the comic book universe, I hope a surprise appearance by Zachary Levi in one of the final two episodes is in the script. This will only affirm that mysticism will play a larger role in the future for the series. Since Legends of Tomorrow flirted with it with fairies and dragons in the past and the Crisis involves the Book of Destiny, an item belonging to a certain member of  The Endless, the seeds for mysticism to take hold are planted.

I’ve been begging for it since day one.

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