Crowdfunding the Elder Dice is Surpassing Expectations!

17 Mar

Image result for infinite black diceBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

At the time writing, than posting, the third wave of crowdfunding the creation for more Elder Dice is surpassing expectations! Ever since Infinite Black offered customized dice for Call of Cthulhu and RPG enthusiasts, demand has been exceedingly great! This latest campaign is hitting every stretch goal, and just where it’ll go next depends on what fans want. Next up are Doom Edition d2 coins and they have been unlocked. Could there be any more, or has this company run out of ideas?

These symbol-based dice sets are based on the strange and occult glyphs as described by H.P. Lovecraft and later artists interpreting this author’s works. The Elder Sign, Seal of Yog-Sothoth, Star of Azathoth, Sigil of the Dreamlands are just the names of… Admirers of Infinite Black’s designs will have a tough time deciding on what to get. Maybe it’s best to collect them all. I almost did. This latest campaign offers a wicked playmat which takes inspiration from Egyptian papyri.

These dice will become available afterwards at select game stores. The perk here is to be amongst the first to own these dice. Whether that’s used in a game of Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium or Trail of, these products are worth admiring.

I hope that for wave four, Infinite Black will consider glow-in-the-dark options either for the dice where the numbers glow or the swirls in the colour mix shed an iridescent glow. It requires a different and costlier manufacturing process but I feel it can be done. Some role-playing games are meant to be played in the dark! With card games and this company’s range of playmats, not so much.

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Playmats are usually intended for card games, and another desire of mine is for this company to consider making fatter dice boxes with the magnetic clasp so they can be used to hold a sleeved set of 60 cards, traditional in Magic the Gathering, than the other way around. They are sourcing the boxes from a third party (in China) and slapping on customized labels on top. It’s not that hard to do, but an individual cannot order a small supply for him or herself for personal use.

For this company to consider expanding their product line, it’s just a matter of time.

If the demand for the dice is any sign, then I’m hoping they will branch out to produce other role-playing game accessories. Their online store offers pins, fiction and art prints. I see no reason for them to not branch out. They can do it in measured steps lest a Star Spawn gets ’em!

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