It’s the Attack of the Killer … er, Inhumanwich! A Review

unnamedBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

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Plenty of humour and camp can be found in writer/director David Cornelius indie film Inhumanwich. This crowdfunded film leaves me hungry for more and thankfully I have in my video collection The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra and its sequel to watch next. This niche genre pays tribute to the B-movies from the 50s in a myria of hilarious ways and this latest entry offers plenty to enjoy despite being “bare.” I prefer my meals with added dressings and a salad on the side.

In what the titular focal character is, I have a firm belief a bit of Lovecraft inspired monster making is involved. Technically, what astronaut Joe Neumann (Jacque Ransom) mutates into (by cosmic radiation ala The Fly) when a sloppy joe sandwich is in the spaceship makes me ask, where did the bread go? That did not become part of his final makeup. He looks like something between a Shoggoth and an uncooked meatloaf. He’s kind of like Pizza the Hutt, but with no eyes and maybe a mouth hiding somewhere in that hideous mass.

Neumann just finished a mission in space when this “accident” happened.

When the craft he’s in malfunctions, all hell breaks loose. It conveniently crashes near an urban area, the outskirts of Cincinnati, where the occupant is now free to devastate everything nearby — humans included! Shades of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes can be felt in the later act as it mindlessly roams about. If only there were a few song and dance numbers, I may well be rolling on the floor howling with laughter. Instead, we find a new hero, Burton (Brad Nicholas) who can save the day.

He’s the epitome of other B-movie schlock heroes from other similar films. Before he can do anything, however, we get a moment where he soliloquizes and I could not help but giggle. He is like Ash from the Evil Dead musical, just remembering what’s good in life before leaping into the fray to deal with the Deadites.

Should he fail, mission commander Farley (Matt Laumann), Dr. Chang (Michael Peake) and Joe’s wife (Kayla Clark) have a plan B. It’s hard to say if they did, but I was hoping since I could not help but be glued to the story. There’s many ways where the original idea to stop the mutant manwich can go wrong.

The people behind this budget film are clearly having fun as they are making this movie. The production team, for the lack of a better term, enjoyed hamming up this product. Final disclaimer: bovine were harmed in the making of this movie.

3½ Stars out of 5


Author: Ed Sum

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