What Else is in the Future for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow other than Kamandi?


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

After one massive binge watch of the last few episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “Aruba” is a satisfying end to the season. I was more interested in Rory’s story than Sara’s. The former rogue offered more to like because he slowly started to care for his teammates and learned to think for himself; that’s a tale to enjoy. Sara’s story is just as important, but most of her saga would be lost if fans did not see how she developed as a character in CW’s Arrow. Although her problems were recapped in Legends, to understand it did not feel the same as seeing Rory and Snart thrust into roles they initially did not like.

I am disappointed in the fact the Legion of Doom is a small group. Instead of a large organization and handing out parts of the world to fellow criminals (Black Mantis can own the sea and Grodd own the jungle), I did have to wonder why other time sensitive individuals did not show up to fix this aberration. The Legends can not be completely alone in this massive universe. Although the heroes who could do something were killed after the alteration by Eobard Thawne, surely someone from out of time can help. Even the villain Epoch, Lord of Time, should have taken notice and say, “You can’t do that!” as he wanted to rule all of reality.

When a series deals with the fact that altering a single time stream always results in consequences, the cliffhanger is a doozy. It sets up the possibility of the Legends having to search for a way to patch it up in one go, and I hope another artifact is not required.


Each season had the Legends team on the hunt for objects to do away with the big nasty and I’m hoping this formula does not get repeated for series three. With the timeline fractured and no Spear of Destiny to fix it, the only hope is to find someone with reality bending powers to repair it instead of grabbing another object. They could chase after “The book” Destiny the Endless keeps chained to him or finally use magic. There are two characters who can  John Constantine and Dahrk  but where’s Doctor Fate?

However, I’m thinking season three is setting up the Arrowverse’s own version of Crisis on Infinite Earths. If time and space is breaking down, and the series reveal different universes are in collision because of what the Legends team did, audiences will get to see a huge proper mashup to fix all of time and space than the paltry attempt of showing an  “alien” Invasion story-line. CW’s The Flash is building up to the hero going to the future, so perhaps the building of cliffhangers might show more series integration as time-lines clash, and the heroes from multiple series have to band together to fix the damage one group has done.

The series producers needs to think bigger than keep ideas to a budget to show just how crazy this mixed up universe is. I’m still waiting for a Green Lantern Corp appearance at some point in this or another Arrowverse series future!

Author: Ed Sum

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