How to Train your Dragon Fans Will Love Feb 15 and 17th!


Fans of How to Train Your Dragon need not fret. Netflix has not abandoned Dragons: Race to the Edge. While they do not always explain how they schedule their programming, this streaming service may have decided to time the next releases of episodes on Feb 17th with Dark Horse Comics’ own book, The Serpent’s Heir by Dean DeBlois, due to hit shelves a few days prior, on Feb 15th.

The graphic novel can be a quick read, and while it is unlikely to tie into events in the television series, both chapters are worth following. DeBlois’ tale will tie in with the third and final film. For more detail, please look at a previous entry here, and we can all guess what’s to come next.

As an avid follower of DreamWorks world based on the works of Cressida Cowell (author of the original treatment), I can continue to marvel at the epic adventures of Hiccup, and thrill to one day riding one of these fantastic beasts. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

No early details are released yet to both. A tease to the graphic novel can be found in a previous article here. In about three weeks, fans can certainly feel the love in the air with Valentine’s Day showing the dragons will never be forgotten.

Source: Uproxx

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