New Gaki no Tsukai Batsu Special Photos Reveal Homage to ‘Back to the Future!’

nolaughscience3By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

In the latest group of photos published by Oricon Style from the filming of Gaki no Tsukai’s No Laughing Science Laboratory batsu, one of those photos will be of interest to fans of the 1985 feature film Back to the Future starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. With each batsu Hiroshi Fujiwara (藤原 寛), former manager of comedy team Downtown (Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada), appears in costume (sometimes dressed as a woman) and acts as guide for the five comics, Matsumoto, Hamada, Endō Shōzō, Tanaka Naoki and Hōsei Tsukitei.

This year, it appears Fujiwara will be dressed in similar style to that of the character Doc Brown (Lloyd) from Back to the Future. Even better, he makes his grand entrance via a DeLorean which is similar to the one used by Doc Brown and Marty McFly (Fox) to travel back in time during the film.

Matsumoto (center left) can't help but laugh at the entrance made by Fujiwara (right).
Matsumoto (center left) can’t help but laugh at the entrance made by Fujiwara (right).

As reported by Oricon, this year’s batsu is on a bigger scale than last year’s No Laughing Detective Agency. The crew is made up of a total of 400 people, with 80 extras, to administer tricks or punishments. There are 230 CCD cameras in total this year. Compared to last year’s 180, that’s an increase. There will be many celebrity guests on the show and returning guests include one half of the comedy duo 130R, Itsuji Itao (板尾創路), and semi-retired professional wrestler Masahiro Chono (蝶野正洋) of New Japan Pro-Wrestling and WCW Worldwide.


According to, filming was done in and around Sayama, Saitama Prefecture. Two local junior high schools were used for filming to create the illusion of a science institute. Both Higashi Junior High School and Iruma Junior High School (both are closed) are being used as location shots.

The No Laughing Science Laboratory will be broadcast on Nippon TV on December 31, 2016.

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Photo Source(s): Oricon Style (ヒットが見える トレンド情報サイト).

Author: James Robert Shaw

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