Eerie Ed’s Haunted Top Ten Halloween Comic Book Reading List

stl021281The October Faction: Deadly Season

Steve NilesThe October Faction has a new series, Deadly Season, and no list can not be considered complete without mention of this series. With the main series up to volume three, this read is simply fascinating! For those who do not know about this series released by IDW Publishing:

The lead character is Fredrick Allan, a retired monster hunter who is now teaching Monsters & Mythology while he hides from 30 years of enemies. His heyday was in the ’70s, so October Faction will flashback to those ’70s monster hunting days. The main thread is about this man who is trying to get to know his family for the first time ever. Unfortunately, while he has neglected his wife she’s become a pill-popping thrill-killer. His two children, just turned 19 and 20, are starting to piece together who their father is and also whether or not he is their real father.
– Steve Niles, Writer

If this series sounds like CW‘s Supernatural from its early days, well they will have to read it to find out for themselves!

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