Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Official Wesbite Launched!

Yamato2202By James Robert Shaw (The Wind Up Geek)

As of 2:00 am Pacific Standard Time (PST) the website for the animated series Space Battleship Yamato 2202 (宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202) has launched. The series is a sequel to Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199) that aired on Japanese television in 2013. Yamato was created by Yoshinobu Nishizaki and Leiji Matsumoto in 1974. It premiered in North America in 1979 under the title Star Blazers.

Very little information on the upcoming series is available on the site and no release date for 2202 is known. The only information available to the public is in the form of comments by Producer Shoji Nishizaki (Space Battleship Yamato 2199), Writer Harutoshi Fukui (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn) , and Director Nobuyoshi Habara (Broken Blade). According to August Ragone of the Space Battleship Yamato Facebook group, Harutoshi Fukui’s comment read “Love” is by no means powerless, while dangerous words cannot be turned into a deadly weapon. Harsh reality and compromise, encourages change by force. In perfecting humanism, each of us must be aware of our strength, and ponder on the fact that force was bestowed upon us as a biological instinct. Speaking to ourselves, we must repeat this message less it be broken, and be confident in that a true revival of Yamato is being created. “Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Soldiers of Love”. I will devote my life to making this. Please stay tuned!

On the Yamato’s official Twitter another image of teaser art by Makoto Kobayashi was posted.

Source(s): August Ragone and the Space Battleship Yamato Facebook group.

Author: James Robert Shaw

Making a comeback.

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