Help CrowdFund The Golden Apple in its Last Hours

13 Dec

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The Golden Apple is an animated series seeking crowdfunding to achieve its goals of becoming real, and while it’s on the path of success to having a short film made, the ultimate hope is to make an animated series. Why this series is special is its mythic connection to the legends and lore around the Balkan region. While fantasy enthusiasts know all about dragons, elves and vikings, this tale goes deeper.

Only some folklorists know about the legends of the Zmei, giant storm spirits, or the samodivas, forest nymphs, or the Zuker warriors, men dressed like demons. The story will focus on one particular warrior, Vihra who is a headstrong 14-year old girl. She’s the daughter of a Zmei and has lived amongst humans for a long time. As a civil war is about to break out between her two clans, she learns about a golden apple with mystical properties to help bring peace between the tribes. She’s not alone in the journey, and is joined by Tina, a samodiva water spirit and two brothers (Vlad and Bran), fighters who use magic to protect their world from danger too.


This concept seems far from mystical, but its daring in the hopes these lead characters desire for their worlds. The idea is mythic in the same vein as Star Wars. The long-term goal the producers of this passion project is to show to the world there’s other fascinating stories to tell, and not all of them come from the better known myths from Western Civilization.

Dimitar Petrov is the creator, art director and background designer. He’s done work for Cartoon Network and The Amazing World of Gumball. Svetla Radivoeva is a CG animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios and Stanislav Tsvetkov is a key animator from Asterix and the Vikings. Other notable team members include George Strezov whose work includes orchestrating music for films, tv shows and video games such as Victor Vran and Batman: Arkham Knight.

This crowdfunded project is successful. There’s only a few hours left for those interested in contributing to help it achieve the next stretch goal. Even for a few dollars, contributes will get updates on how far this saga will go. Who knows, maybe it will get the attention of other producers who will help turn the pilot into a television series or a film. Whatever the direction, who doesn’t want to see such a charming tale of a female warrior in the same vein as Avatar: The Last Airbender with a touch of Jackie Chan Adventures nostalgia mixed in?

To contribute, please visit the Golden Apple Kickstarter page here.

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