13 Halloween Movies That One Should Never Forget

Sometimes, the best Halloween Movies are those which can withstand the test of time than to follow the trends.


The Changeling (1980)

When John Russell (George C. Scott) moves to a quiet abode, perhaps the first tell-tale sign of danger is the fact the mansion he rented is decrepit. As he tries to put back his life (his wife and daughter died in an accident), maybe he should have checked into a ward instead. The home has a spirit, and in what’s effective is how the ghost tries to make its presence known. The effects are subtle. As he probes into the history of the home, he learns about the skeletons in the closet that still exists here. What makes this film effective is that the ghost was never evil; it instead is a proper Deus ex machina to guide the story along so that it will reach a chilling climax.

Not all ghost stories have to be about terror and death. In this film, it’s about getting the justice the entity needs to move on.


Shock Treatment (1981)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a Halloween viewing tradition after its original screening back in the late 70’s and if it was meant to stand alone, then a follow-up would have never been penned. Richard O’Brien and Jim Sharman offered a look into what’s next in the married life of Brad and Janet Majors. Instead of looking into the aftermath of this pair’s encounter with Dr. Frank-N-Furter, this film jumps ahead several years to look at 80’s America culture. This film is a departure from the themes its predecessor was looking at. Even though one diddy, “Little Black Dress,” recalls some of the fun Rocky Horror extols, this lesser known product is a beast of its own. The title song, “Shock Treatment,” says it all; The suspicion of traditions [are] so new wave. Heck, I even keep these two songs on my iPod as part of my Rocky Horror selection.

Author: Ed Sum

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