Star Wars Rogue One and Creating Casting Rumours

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The official Star Wars news is that there’s going to be a movie where the plot involves the Death Star. This prequel, simply titled Rogue One, will bring together a band of other resistance fighters to fight against the Empire, and to keep in line with the events that happened a long time ago, not in a galaxy far, far away but in what’s considered canon, the plan is to snag the blueprints of this behemoth. However, as most fans already know, many a spy will have given up their lives to thwart the evil Empire’s plans to conquer the galaxy, and they will get to see how that story unfolds.

This information arrived on the final day of the Star Wars Celebration. The teaser does not reveal much other than the possibility that part of the story will take place on a heavily forested planet. Other than the voice over by Sir Alec Guinness saying, “For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times, before the Empire…,” not much is known about their final fate by the galaxy at large.

There may be one more story involving the last of the Jedi making one last attempt before the Empire makes its fist to affirm that they are the ‘new law.’ But sadly, they are extinct in what director Gareth Edwards revealed to the Guardian.

In the world of Rogue One, Edwards said the “absence of Jedi is omnipresent.”

Will Senator Bail Organa return to form the Rebellion as we know it?
Will Senator Bail Organa return to form the Rebellion as we know it?

The very first band of elite resistance fighters will most likely become known as Rogue One, otherwise why use this title? The name Rogue Squadron was not used until after the Battle of Yawin. It is nice to assume that the name Rogue Squadron is used as an after the fact thought, to accept the deeds Rogue One has done to bring knowledge of the battle station’s one weakness to the Rebel Alliance. Some revisions to the Star Wars canon can help to tighten and bridge the films together, and thankfully, what’s being changed is good.

The tale that’s probably still to be penned will take place in between Episodes III and IV. One performer known to be in this film is Felicity Jones. Word amongst fandom is that she will play a Rebel soldier and that only affirms that this movie will no doubt show how the Rebellion will form. It’s a safe bet that Bail Organa will make an appearance. As for whether or not he will be an important character in this set of films, that will be up to the producers, directors and script-writers to decide. Should this senator be included, will Jimmy Smits reprise his role? He played this character in the second and third film.

Although uncertain, since this movie is set in between trilogies, will audiences get to see Princess Leia step up to become part of the Rebellion? In A New Hope, only accusations were made about her being part of the Rebellion. Just what caused her to join does not need to be said, but when real life casting has been made for Episode VII, usually the contracts signed are not for just one film. When J.J. Abrams revealed that Billie Lourd will indeed play a young version of Leia in a few flashback sequences, not everyone may have thought about whether or not she may be appearing in more than just that film. The news is exciting, and one ‘can only hope’ that there will be more of Lourd to see this reawakening of a beloved franchise.

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