How Can A GottaCon Grow? An Editorial

3 Mar

As a result, I’m leaving the island more often than staying to get what I crave in the comic book and pop culture world (At least I don’t have to worry about my toy collection since Cherry Bomb has a great Ultimate Toy Fair where I can always find one item to buy).

geekenders-starwarsburlesque 002

Thankfully, GottaCon’s organizers have seen fit to hire outside performers to provide evening entertainment for nerds. Since their move to a prime location, they now have a stage to put on shows like GeekendersStar Wars Burlesque Show, The Critical Hit Show and Paper Street Theatre’s Improv D&D (from last year). That was new and greatly appreciated. At least this convention is smart to offer evening passes to the public so folks just interested in those events can show up. However, to make them available at 8pm than 7pm feels harsh. Two hours should be granted to evening people wanting to get a taste of this convention’s many events before having to line up at the theatre.

To see them employ comedy acts is good; that’s one reason I return to Emerald City Comicon every year because they get their voice talent guests to participate in a hilarious retelling of the Star Wars Original Trilogy with cartoon voices! Gottacon is on the right path with hiring theatrical groups to put on shows once things get quiet at night. They do not claim to be a pop culture convention, but that may be the direction the organizers have to consider if its to last for years to come. For now, that’s the only way to keep me interested in coming back.

GottaCon’s biggest challenge is with drawing non-islanders to this event. One sad problem I hear is that not many people want to hop a ferry over. They may not even realize that a boat is cheaper than taking the plane. I leave the island all the time when I hear about a concert or event that I know I must attend. I would not have met Bruce Campbell or Ray Harryhausen way back then. Why can’t mainlanders consider Victoria to be like Hawaii? In the right time of year, and weather gods permitting, there’s more sun on the island than in any other part of the country. Now that’s gotta be one excuse no one can argue.

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