FOX TV Gives the Go Ahead for Gotham!


Ever since Smallville, the formula for this specific sub-genre of superhero based television shows is to focus in on the hero’s youthful beginnings. There had been attempts to make a spin-off, namely with the aborted Aquaman series, but ever since then, to create a winning formula is tough. Thankfully Arrow altered the concept some–the series looks at the man as his status of a hero gets cemented in lore. Some fans thought the show was essentially Batman in disguise, since licensing at either DC or Warner Bros would not approve of a small screen version.

Bring on Fox TV’s Gotham, which thankfully changes all the previous fandom talk around. Almost like the predecessors, this series looks at the lives of many heroes and villains before they become the feared individuals from the comics. This television program may air this Fall. The company green-lit this production only a few days ago, so hopefully the product will not be rushed to meet this coming season. The wait for a polished product will be worth it, and many DC fans will be excited for what the teaser trailer is suggesting. The casting of the supporting characters looks very spot on.

Robin Lord Taylor will be a character to follow as the befuddled Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin, Camren Bicondova will certainly give Selina Kyle a punk-style aesthetic to please fans, and Cory Michael Smith will dominate as the enigmatic Riddler to create a certain unique carnage in a crime ridden Gotham. The list does the end there. The trailer shows that Poison Ivy (Clare Foley) will be part of this youthful foray. The trailer suggests the possibility that she spends her time locked up in the attic with her plants.

This series will deal with Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as a primary character. The first episode will reveal him taking the young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) under his wings and along with Alfred (Sean Pertwee), both will shape who this boy will eventually become. As for how much of an importance the young boy will be in the series, that is still unknown as very little press information has been released.

Instead of the heroes and villians, Gordon may well be the glue that keeps this series together.

Author: Ed Sum

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