Final Poster Roundup for How to Train Your Dragon 2

3 May

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Stoick the Vast is getting a new dragon. Unless the Thunderdrum has evolved and changed shape, whatever type of beast the Leader of Berk is getting bears some semblance to a Triceratops.

As for how Thornado will feel towards his former rider, that’s unlikely to happen since the movie has yet to indicate if any lessons learned from Dragons: Defenders of Berk will be important in the film. Instead, what this movie will do is to take place a few years after and probably not acknowledge the friends or other clans met from the television series. Some fans may desire the return of Heather but that’s unlikely to happen.

With approximately a month and a half before this film’s release on June 13th, fans will no doubt be anxious to see what merchandise will follow. Poster collectors, however, will have a tough time tracking down the now nine posters. Hopefully Dreamworks or 20th Century Fox will be nice and offer prints or copies of them available for sale for fans to purchase when not every theater will give them out to the die-hard fans.

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